Educational Requirements

Cosmetologist need a two year degree of beauty school. The BLS reports that every state requires cosmetologist to hold a license while requirements may vary from state to state, applicants must typically complete an educational program, pay a required fee and pass state board examinations to become a licensed cosmetologist. Continuing education requirements, which also vary from one state to another, must be met in order to maintain in business.

Working Conditions

  • Have a hight level of contact with costumers and staff
  • Always work indoors
  • May occasionally be exposed to chemicals such as perm solutions or hair removal cream
  • May work more than 40 hours per week if they own their shops
  • May work durning lunch periods, but take breaks at other times during the day

Job Requirements

Active listening- giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made. Speaking, judgement and decision making, assisting and caring for others, customer and personal service.


Cosmetologist generally enjoy pleasant working conditions with many creative opportunities. Cosmetologist can literally move any where and quite easily find a job.
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Cosmetologists who work in department stores as makeup artists and sales representatives earn about $9.73 per hour, or $20,240 per year. Cosmetologists who teach in beauty schools or technical colleges typically earn about $13.24 per hour, or $27,540 over the course of a year.
Not surprisingly, cosmetologists who work in the motion picture and video industry are the highest earners, with an average hourly wage of $29.50 and an annual salary of about $67,370. Those who work for performing arts companies make about $22.90 per hour, and average $47,710 per year.