Romania is the place to be!

by: Angela Parr




Capital- Bucharest

Major language- Romanian

in Europe

population-19.96 million

average age-39.8

life expectancy-74.69


major landforms-Negoiu, Lespezi, Pelieaga

Major landmarks- Romanian Athenaeum, Dracula's castle, palace of the parlement

major bodys of water- Black sea, Chirita lake, Ciric lake

Major cities- Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara


according to this website ''Temperatures can vary greatly in Romania and Moldova, depending not only on when but also where you go. Even in the summer, don’t count on the 30° to 35°C heat that has befallen the region in recent years; if you plan to include trips into the mountains, be prepared for cold winds at high altitudes and cool nights everywhere else. Winters are fairly temperate, especially near the coast but, again, in the unpredictable mountains be prepared for virtually any conditions.''


the average yearly rainfall-675mm

average temp-29c

effect- horse back riding is popular



food-Stews made with different chicken and pork in addition to various vegetables are very popular in restaurants. One of the favorites among Romanians is the tripe soup served with garlic or hot chili pepper and vinegar.

sports- football is the most popular sport in romania


native animals-Eurasian lynx, Lynx lynx, is the national animal of Romania

transportation- airplanes

health issues- Medical care in Romania is generally not up to Western standards, and basic medical supplies are limited,