CNP News

Week of August 19th-24th, 2019

First Day Learnin's (sorry that's my inner hillbilly taking over)

Morning: We had a large amount of kids get dropped off for the first day. I know this probably won't be the norm, but please just slip into newsletters that you send home that doors won't open for drop off's until 8:00. We just don't have the staffing to be able to cover kids coming in earlier than that!

For the next 2 days we will allow parents to walk students in, but after that they will have to drop them at the door. This is a safety issue and we can't have people just walking around the building. If they need to come in after Tuesday they will have to come and sign in, in the front office. We HAVE to know who is in our building and why!

Breakfast should eventually go quicker, please try to get students down to breakfast as soon as possible once they arrive. We'd like to have breakfast eaters back to class no later than 8:50.

Lunch: It seemed to go ok with lunch and recess coverage. We know we need to stagger Kindergarten a little bit. 1st, and 2nd grade we will let you know if we need to push your lunch by a couple minutes if we get held up with Kindergarten.

Dismissal: Monday and Tuesday we will still call students by grade level. We will start with Kindergarten Shuttle riders, then 1st and 2nd shuttle riders then we'll release car riders and late bus pick ups. Please, make sure that if students have notes that everyone is looking at the note so we know where that student is going. Some notes Friday said pick up in Albion and kids were waiting in our car rider line. We'll evaluate after Tuesday and see when we can dismiss all shuttle riders together.

Specials For Monday

Our specials for Monday will be the B1 schedule. If you have any questions about it please ask!

Number of Students

At this point we have 252 students in our building. Each one of them deserves a fresh start daily and so do you! I know I've probably beat this horse to death, but please take the time to build solid relationships, and strong routines with your students. Please take a minute to read this short article on this subject!

Things to Remember

Purple Folders: I'll be getting purple folders to your classroom. Please pick one other teacher to send students with the folder to. If you get a purple folder remember that you're there to encourage the student and occupy a couple minutes to just talk to them. After you have talked to them and signed the "papers" please send them to the office where Officer Koontz, Nurse Megan, Mrs. Geiger, Mrs. Gallmeyer, Mrs. Folland, or myself will chat with them and if we feel they are ready to learn will send them back to you. Hopefully this will give them a chance to get refocused and give you a chance to take a few deep breaths and regroup!

Report Cards: Please meet and discuss as a grade level what you as a group feel is important to report to parents. I'd like to have this done by the end of the day Wednesday! The sooner we get this done the sooner Matt Knepper can get our powerschool up and running.

Phones: If you need help setting your phone up please let me know and Officer Koontz, Jesse Sade, or myself will help you.

Seesaw, Studies Weekly, IXL, Math Seeds, Reading Eggs, Spelling City.........

We'll be discussing how to get students loaded into these and work on providing pd where needed.

Grant $$$$$$

Over the summer Mr. Knipper and I submitted a grant to allow you to get training in something you are interested in that you could bring back and share with students. We got the grant and are currently trying to come up with guidelines on how to use it and how much each teacher will get. I'll give you more info as we have it.

CNP Football Night/Teacher Appreciation Night

Mark your calendars for September 13th. Our K-3 flag football teams as well as our CNP staff will be introduced at halftime of the CN vs Prairie Heights football game. I'd like to have a strong showing of support for our kiddos, but also like for you all to be recognized for the hard work you put in. More details to come, but I wanted people to have the chance to get it on their calendars and plan for it!

Upcoming Morning Meetings

None this week unless a dire need arises for one.

Important Dates

I'll be adding dates to this as I get them. Please send me important dates that we all need to be aware of.

Something To Think About

Please take the time to watch this 5 minute video. The difference between kids being a success or a statistic is US. I hope you enjoy it!
How Marbles Can Change Your Life | Josh Shipp | Goalcast