Where is Middle Earth?

North Dakota of course!!

North Dakota!!

In North Dakota they have rolling hills and beautiful rivers and mountains. They speak English and act just like we do.


North Dakota has many great reasons why it is Middle Earth, for example to be the Lone Mountain. They could all be beautiful representations of it. Also, North Dakota has many rolling hills to represent hobbit hills, where they build their holes. Another reason North Dakota could be a great Middle Earth is how it has caves inside the mountains which would be perfect for the cave that Bilbo meets Gollum.

Why North Dakota?

You might ask why choose North Dakota over Ireland because Ireland has beautiful green land that could be nice. However, North Dakota has green land and hills, mountain, rivers, and more!!!



North Dakota is all around amazing so why wouldn't you want to believe that middle earth takes place here!! It looks exactly like the description in the book!