Three Blind Mice Arrested!!

Farmer's wife is outraged!!

How can a blind mouse assault someone?

The three blind mice were arrested late tuesday afternoon on charges of aggravated assault with a weapon. They appeared before a grand jury the next day after it was declared that indictment would be sought for their crime, though un its current state would be classified as a misdemeanor. Bail was set at a mere $1,000. The mice appeared in court for arraignment at which they pleaded not guilty, claiming that "a white cane couldn't possibly be used by a blind mouse to intentionally assault somebody."

Trial of Blind Mice

The trial began with opening statements from the attorneys of both the three mice and the farmer's wife - a public defender was appointed to the three mice. Prosecution and defense both called their witnesses for examination. The Gingerbread man was subpoenaed as a witness for the three blind mice however, after being suspected of perjury, it was found that the gingerbread man could not see as his eyes were made from icing. A petit jury was present, whom the judge later instructed to deliberation. The jury reached a verdict in minutes after which the mice were acquitted. The woman requested for an appeal, however, the appellate court upheld the prior decision. Leaving the courtroom, one of the mice was quoted saying "Thank goodness we got to skip the whole plea bargaining thing," to which another replied "Y'know, thirty days doesn't seem all that bad if you think about it."