Beta Upsilon Grapevine

Dalton District of Alpha Delta Kappa

Volume 2, Issue 8 - January 2016
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President's Message

Hi Sisters,

Greetings and Happy New Years! Best wishes for our chapter and each of our members for a fantastic 2016!

The snow flakes poured down on Sunday in Blairsville. It was a nice surprise and of course my son was so excited! He was imaging making snow men, sledding down our road and snowball fights. There is nothing like the first snow of the season.

I am also excited thinking of the "first times" we will experience as a chapter. Maybe we will initiate first time members. Maybe this Spring will be our first of many high school scholarship awards. Maybe it will be the first time you serve our chapter at the district or chapter level. With the state convention so close in Athens, maybe it will be your first time attending a state level event. There are so many good things ahead...join me....let's go!!!

Meridith Jorgensen

Chapter President


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Time to put those unwanted gifts to a good cause. Instead of "re-gifting" bring your items to the Jan Alpha Delta Kappa meeting. Members can bid to buy your item for a discounted price and all proceeds will go to the scholarship fund. It's a get to declutter, your sister gets what she has always wanted at a discounted price and Beta Upsilon increases their scholarship funds. Let the bidding begin.....

January Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 12th, 4:30pm

360 Rebel Circle

Blue Ridge, GA

Program - Scholarship award program has been postponed

Altruism - Food Bank (money or food is appreciated)

**Don't forget to bring ONE white elephant item to auction. Proceeds will be donated to the scholarship fund.

Food Bank - Jan Altruistic Focus

The Fannin County Family Connection ( is part of a statewide initiative of 159 community collaborative partnerships committed to making measurable improvements for children and families in Georgia. The Food Pantry at Family Connection serves the greater Fannin County area offering food and other goods to those in need. Feed Fannin supports the Food Pantry by providing fresh vegetables from the Community Garden and uses donations to purchase food.
Submit Altruism - Click HERE for form

Did you donate your time, money or items in December...please record your altruism on our online form.

New Member Time

The membership chairman has the applications and money for two prospective members. We will vote on these members at our Feb meeting. In addition, we will be reinstalling Ann Abernathy-Helton. Daughter of former charter and now Omega member, Laura Abernathy. Please forward the contact information of any prospective member our membership chairman, Janet Davis. She will send out a packet of information and application. The plan is we will vote at the Feb meeting and hold initiation at the March meeting.

This year's membership goal: 3 new members

C2O - Connect To Others

This is a state-wide focus that purposes to volunteer our time instead of our checkbooks only. This year Beta Upsilon will purpose to serve others by volunteering our time with residents at Cameron Hall. Please email or see Barbara Cotter to sign up for your time slot to "connect to others". I promise it will be a rewarding experience.

March 5th - Games at 2PM

Linda King

Barbara Cotter

Timmi Shawler

Meridith Jorgensen

May 14th - Lunch at 12:30

Donna Riddoch

Rosemary Warren

Robbi Callihan