The Election Of 1800

You Decide

Vote now

You have the choise to deside hou you want for president for the best of our contrie. Your decision has to be taken now and were are beging you to vote for Democratic-Republicans Tomas Jeffreson.

Why shout you vote for Tomas Jeffreson?

Well our candidate Tomas Jeffreson is lookin fowort on making our contrie pronsper economicly and take ous out of debt Tomas is also looking foworth on making the U.S suside as a country by reenforsing our goverment.

What is the diferense

Well Thomas wants or goverment to have more power then our states there for that is the best choise because if our goverment dosent has more power the our state it will be like childrens telling there parents what shut they do. Well Jhon Adams want our goverment to run like that to have the states tell the goverment what to do.