What the Tech?

Google Drive housekeeping for teachers and students

Let's clean it up!

While I try my best throughout the year, my Google Drive files tend to get a little bit messy and I find myself trying desperately to reign them back in. I'm sure some of you are in the same boat as well as your students. So I thought it would be useful to take some time during a share to do some Google Drive Housekeeping. This will include:

1. Creating and color coding folders

2. Uploading and converting Word documents

3. Previewing our "untitled" documents to rename/delete

4. Checking our "shared with me" folder for docs we want to copy/keep

5. Making a new folder for 2016-2017

Bring your devices and this can be a working share session where we can leave feeling relieved and well organized... at least digitally. :)

Then, we can take these strategies for organizing back to our students and have them organize their files as well so they are ready to go for next year!

Hints and Tips

  • Create folders for each school year and then organize by subject area/category
  • Highlight a file and use "shift Z" to put it into more than one folder
  • Try to set some time aside each month to organize before your files get ahead of you.
  • Color code!
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Hope to see you in the morning!