Sixth Grade Newsletter

December 6, 2015

Dear Parents,

Here's what's happening at school this week.


We will continue to work on poetry this week.

The assessment day will be Tuesday, December 8. Students will have a vocabulary/grammar quiz and are expected to turn in a completed writing piece. There are practice activities and quizzes in Edmodo.

Social Studies

Students are learning about latitude and longitude, along with other map skills. They continue to have homework posted on to our class Edmodo page every week. It is due each Thursday.


On Monday, students will have a quiz over the distributive property and combining like terms. After the quiz, students will learn how to translate between words algebraic expressions. Later in the week, students will learn how to evaluate expressions. This will be the last concept that we learn before the unit test. The unit test will be moved from December 14th to December 15th.


Students received the Ecosystem Test back last week. Students could make corrections to their tests to earn points back. Corrections are due back to me Monday 12-7-15.


Mrs. Pott's Class: PE

Mr. Hopkins' Class: Music


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