Chemical Engineer My Dream Career

By: Anthony Feliciano


When I was growing up I was always interested in science and math, but i never knew what type of careers were out there for me. Then I found the perfect career a chemical engineer it had both of the things I enjoyed which was science and math and complex thinking I am sure this would be a good fit for me But, still i'm not sure what they entirely do?

Career Research

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

  • 1)Chemical engineers work mostly in offices or laboratories.

  • 2)They may spend time at industrial plants, refineries, and other locations, where they monitor or direct operations or solve onsite problems.

  • 3)Nearly all chemical engineers work full time.

Work Environment

  • The work environment for a chemical engineer is usually in a in a industrial plant. Also they typically work in laboratories, where they conduct experiments, or in manufacturing facilities, such as chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, where they monitor production processes. Most technicians work full time.

Education and training

  • Chemical engineers must hvae a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Programs usually take 4 years to complete and include classroom laboratory, and field studies.

Preferred job skills

  • 1)Math Skills- Chemical engineers usually us the principle of calculus and other advance mathematics for there analysis.

  • 2)Problem solving skills-. chemicals must be able to solve problems to prevent any harm to the workers and also try to prevent the problem for even happening.

  • 3)Analyzing skills-Chemical engineers must be able to find out why a design didn't work out and why

  • 4)Creativity-chemical engineers must be able to find new ways to apply engineering principle in what they do.

  • 5)Ingenuity- Chemical engineers usually have to be able to find out new and improved way to solve problem in their work.

Job outlook

About 4%(slower than average)


$94,350 Per year / $45.36 per hour

Chemical Engineer

High School Prepartion


Many schools offer classes that involve many fields of science and especially for my dream career my school Leyden offer classes that could benefit me :

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Calculus

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Calculus

  • Work/Volunteer Experience

    Even though I'm still young i could apply for a internship My senior year.


    • Amy Gorzynski - Business Education Teacher at East Leyden High School
    • Michael Matticks, East Leyden industrial tech teacher

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    My Post Secondary Plan

    Chemical engineering is something that has to be learned, and this experience is learned through schooling many classes can be taken through high school to give you a taste of this career earlier then you would in collage.

    Potential Chemical Engineers can:

    • Enroll into a university or a collage and can take programs like biochemistry.
    • obtain your bachelors degree and pursue more education for the career

    In order to become a chemical engineer you have to have a bachelors degree. You can get a higher degree in the field of chemical engineering, You can earn this degree at these collages:

    • Northwestern University, IL
    • University of Illinois
    • Illinois Institute of Technology


    Throughout this process of research i have really learned more about my choice of career and have really thought things out and have really started to like this career and i want to pursue more education, And want to be able to major in this field of engineering.