The Warrior Way

Week of January 11th

You are all Amazing!!!

I know that I could say many words tonight and all of you know I like to write and say words but after I say these words I know you won't read much else. It is Spirit Week in Winfield and if you choose to participate you can wear jeans each day!!!! I have all sorts of fun and meaningful things I have found on Pinterest but I know you are done reading. You are all amazing and I could not be happier each morning because I get to come to work with you!! Have a great week!

I hope you realize that my lack of words today means you will receive many many emails with inspiring words throughout the week:)

As always thank you for everything that you do for our students!!

Proud to be a Warrior,


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If you have not already done so please follow the "your center" link below to add your thoughts to the group. I have a plan for using your ideas for our building.

Jobs for the Week!

Morning Announcements:Hunter

Lunch count North: Riley

Lunch count South: Bromwich

Below is a link to a calendar of classroom jobs for the year. Please let me know if there any other classroom responsibilities that I should add. We may find the the need to add more throughout the year as well.


95.6% for the first half of the year and exactly that same percentage for our first week back. You guys are all rock stars!!!!! I am really pleased with our overall attendance this year. Thank you!
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Looking forward to a great week!

I will send a full schedule on Monday!


In case you missed it before it's a jeans week!
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