Basic Consumer Rights

By Jack and Chase

The right to safety protects people from getting hurt by products
other that vehicles. It also says that products have to have testing
and warning labels, they also have to know right away if a product is
defective and they may have to recall it.

The right to be informed says that products have to be honest about
financing, advertising, labeling, and the packaging. It protects
people from being mislead by advertising.

The right to choose is where the people that get the products have a right to have a choice to choose which item they want.

The right to be heard says that consumers should have a voice. If they
have concerns I out a product it should be handled responsively.

The right to satisfaction of basic needs is for consumers to have have basic needs such as food clothes and shelter.

The right to redress says is to receive a fair settlement of just claims.

The right to a healthy environment says that you have the right to
live in a non threatening environment.