Middle Eastern Food-Pakistan

A look at different cultures' food

Pakistani Food

Pakistani food is very spicy and and uses many spices to enhance the flavor and smell. Their food is connected to their religion that shows what they can eat and what they cannot. For instance, pork is not served by Muslims. Muslim food traditions are very prominent in their taste and ingredients.
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Common breakfasts are fairly simple consisting of eggs, bread, fruit, and baked goods.

Lunches usually have a curry and something else that is light to top of the meal.

Dinner is the biggest meal of the day, usually having a large main course, with naan (bread), lentils, and a salad.

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Traditional foods

Haleem is a spicy beef and lentil dish.

Layered saffron rice and roasted goat is another traditional dish.

Falooda is a dessert dish with vanilla ice cream, rose syrup and basil seeds.