The Kagu

By Cierra Scura

Help save the Kagu!!

The Kagu is a a rare New zealand bird that is endangered. They have gray feathers, with orange legs and bills, a head crest like a cockatoos, and bold stripes on its wingtips. It is about the size of a chicken and is one of the most unusual looking birds.

How did they become endangered?

Kagu mostly live in New Caledonia in the south pacific. When the Europeans came and started settling in their land, the number of kagu was decreasing. They brought along with them dogs, cats and rats which were killing the helpless kagu. Kagu are flightless birds so when a predator attacks they don't have much self defense.

"Ghosts Of The Forest"

They need our help!!

how are we saving them?

In 2008 the Kagu species action plan was made. It spans through 2009-2020. Now, dogs and cats are being controlled, and the birds are being bred and reintroduced to protected areas. we need to make the public more aware of this help less animal!

How can you save them?

The Kagu is a helpless animal that defiantly needs to be saved. If you would like to help, visit the link below.