Why is the 1st amendment important?

your right to assemble

The first amendment gives you the right to freedom of speech.

This amendment means spoken and written words. Say you were texting on the phone and a police stop you and look at it. It allows all citizens expression what they what. Our rights as American gives us a freedom of speech say what you want unless it not a clear and present danger.

The first amendment gives you the freedom of religion.

that means you can be whatever religious you believe he or she wants. For example I believe in god and my teacher husband does not believe in god. You can pray in public or in private or or you can wear religious clothing. The government can not tell you what you need believe.

The 1st amendment gives you the right of freedom of the press .

To start it is free to publish news, facts, and opinions. All media can plush the news. media means books,tv,internet, magazines,radio, newspapers. The government should not look at our privacy