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Capturing And Sharing Your Fish Experience

Capturing And Sharing Your Fish Experience

So, you’ve gotten into social networking. Most people start on a website like Facebook or Twitter. Others get out their crafty side and join Pinterest. Others even work on full out blogs on websites like Tumblr. No matter what your interests are, you can find people who are like you via social media.

There are specialized sites out there that are based in social media, too. I already mentioned Pinterest, which seems to be a hangout for all those people who like crafts and recipes. But, there’s one more option out there for the sportsmen among us: FishyPic.

FishyPic is a new social media site that is going where no social media site has gone before: on the water. Okay, maybe Facebook went there, but not like this! FishyPic is a website that can help you take your fishing to a social level. Here’s some of the stuff that you can do on FishyPic.

Look at fish that others have caught. People who love to fish will show off their best catches on FishyPic, and you can see what people are catching from all around the world. Post your own fish catches from FishyPic’s free iPhone app. This makes chronicling your catches even easier.

Look in a variety of categories, such as offshore, inshore, freshwater, and flyfishing. Whatever type you enjoy, you can find it on FishyPic.

Post videos of the fishing trips that you’ve gone on. Everyone wants a laugh or wants to check out how you do things.

Be featured in the catches of the day, and gloat about the awesome day of fishing that you had while showing off that big boy that you caught.

Buy fishing accessories and/or sell your wares and/or fishing trips in the bait shop. If it’s related to fishing, you can probably find it. Clothing, fishing supplies, fishing books, even day trips can be found in FishyPic’s online Bait Shop.

FishyPic is a pretty cool website for people who want to get social with their fishing. It’s great for people who want to find new friends to enjoy fishing with. So, if you want to get in on this whole social media craze with a hobby that you actually enjoy, FishyPic may be a great option for you and your fishing buddies to hook onto. Check out FishyPic and take your fishing to a social level.