Sunset Love

by Shayan and Chris Lee

Huntingon Beach

Saturday, March 7th, 5-7pm

2000 Main St

Huntington Beach, CA

Come to the beach at the noon with that special someone. Be on time so you can watch the beutiful sunset. The beach is by far the best spot to look at the sunset just because of the fact that the ocean also changes color a bit. Bring some money so you can go eat something at Rubies on the pier. Also bring a toel, trunks, and a cap because it will be hot there.

Who can go?

You can have no more than six people go. There will be one parent that will supervise but you do not need to be right next to them at all time. You can be alone with your date if you wanted to but be sure to think before you do.
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Future Outings

Next time we will make this more fun by going to Universal Studios so you can have a little more fun with your date.