All the details to help Nicole find her perfect dress!

Operation: Find Nicole's Wedding Dress

Plans are in motion...and we have one more big ✓ to make! THE DRESS. Thanks for hearing the call to help Nicole in this endeavor. After all, as women, we know the hardest thing to do is- to find something to wear!

Here is the plan of action...

First, Fuel Up...

Saturday, April 5th, 10am

421 E Central Blvd

Orlando, FL

We will meet, we will greet

We will not fear, and only have cheer...

And if this doesn't come naturally- there will be coffee, bagels, and mimosas (cheers)

Then Get to Work, Shopping!

Friday, April 4th, 11:30am

5410 Central Florida Pkwy

Orlando, FL

We'll decide where to have lunch, after shopping at Carolyn Allen's. If, there is no luck at Carolyn Allen's then we will be off to David's Bridal.