Salt water to fresh water



-Billions of watts of energy

-Thousands of dollars

Effects on the tech on water

The EPA made a machine called that can take gallons of salt water at a time and transform it into fresh water.

- the bad things about this is the when water is being taken into the machine it can also collect small fishes,organism, and fish eggs. Since other larger sea creatures rely on these things to survive the too can all start dying from lack of basic needs.


These are pictures of the machines from around the world

The effects on the environment

-every time the water is gathered into the machine the salt is removed and sent back out into the sea/ocean/lake/.this may not seem bad but since it's going back into water it's making it 2x salter then it already is.

- but also some very dry areas who are lacking fresh water can be able to get the fresh water they need to survive.

Effects on humans

-as we use desalination more and more we are starting to rely on it much more then we need to, causing us to forget about using the fresh water we have wisely.

- as city's and towns expanded most of them are expanding into more dry dessert like areas and as the population grows in these areas the more water they'll need to use.

Long term affects

-these machines take up tons of energy every day and the government is building more and more using up twice the amount of energy we should be using on the machines. As we build more will we have enough energy to power all of them?

- the government is spending billions of dollars to build these machines and the more they making the more money they put into making them having to spend trillions of dollars on them. Already costing tons of money is the government spending to mush money on these?

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Plants around the world


1.) It costs more money to take water out of the sea then to take it out of the grounds or any other natural resources

2.) Right now we rely on 1% on desolation but scientist have discovered by 2025 14% of the worlds population will rely on it

3.) Israel relays on desalination water 40%


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