Underage Drinking

The Real Facts

Most teens and young adults result to drinking for a good time. Little do they know the true after effects of alcohol.
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It's a Serious Matter

The majority of teens think drinking is just a fun time, which leads them to lack seriousness on the subject. Little do kids know that the mind of a fifteen year old is four times more likely to depend on alcohol than a twenty-one year old.


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The Cruel After Effects

Underage drinking leads to difficulty learning and behaving properly in school, connecting with new people, changes in their speech, memory difficulties, and much more.


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The Cold Truth

Underage drinking is the possible beginning of a life constantly battling addiction, depression, or memory deficiency problems. Before you take a drink under the legal age, listen to the facts. Drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 annual deaths among underage drinkers. It increases the risk of being involved in crimes, such as sexual assault or drug abuse. It also makes it easier to be taken advantage of and it's linked to unwanted sexual intercourse.