Earth Day!

How can we help?By Jaime

Oceans:We can help the oceans by cleaning our beaches and by reuse what ever you find and useing it in a new thing ecept if its not reuse useible.Did you know that In alasca 50 peole cleand the ocaen and the beach

sky:You can clean the sky by not doing barbecue and by not can also clean the sky by not drive a car to take a place and go waking.Did you know when the tictanic was sailing the boat did polosion becauase it was a steam boat.

Rain Forest:You can stop the polllution by not cuting trees for can also save the rain Forest by killing the bugs that hert the trees.You can also save the rain forist by not telling your mom to buy paper by using the other side.
Home:You can help the pollotion of home by note playing the nose loud of your kitchin and by claening the house evrey day.You can also help by using less water

Earth day

Tuesday, April 22nd, 9pm

5102 S Cherry Ave

Tucson, AZ

Clean up our school
Annoying Orange - Earth Day