Senator Grassley

By:Jillian Enke

Senator Grassely

Charles Earnest is Senator Grassley's first and middle name.

He was born on September 17, 1933.

He was married in 1954 to Barbara Speicher and they have five children.

Senator Grassley serves in these committees: Judicial, finance, budget, agreiculture, joint tax, the senate caucus of international natories control and senate caucus of foster youth.

Grassley has spearheaded many probes into misuse and accountability of federal money.

Grassley votes on laws.

Grassley was the chairman of the Senate Special Committee for aging from January 2003 to 2006.

Grassley was a member of the US House of Reprentatives from Iowa's 3rd District from January 1975-January 1981.

Grassley represents Iowa in the US Senate.

Grassley is one of the 100 senators in the United States.

Grassley was voted into office.

Grassley is in office to make new laws and to make sure Iowa has a voice in the senate.

Grassley's work contrubutes to Iowa by making new laws that will make Iowa a more efficient place to live.

Grassley helps the common good by getting mixes of people together to make a fair law for everyone.

Grassley helps by putting alot of time into his work to make sure Iowa is a fair state.

Senator Grassley speaks to the Whistleblower, Civil and Human Rights Summit