The Fighter

By: Juan Macias, Colt Smith, Myles Johnson

Human Trafficing in the Philippines

The Philippines are having human trafficing problems then a women fought for here rights but nobody cared what she said & human Trafficing still went on in the life's of the Philippines.

Pacquiao joins the fight

Now more than a year later, the Philippines is in the midst of an election. Congressman Pacquiao is again on the campaign trail -- this time hoping to parlay his popularity into a victory for his wife, Jinkee, who is running to become vice governor of Sarangani distric

Pacquiao stands tall

Campaigning with his wife is one step toward life after boxing. And rumors of the boxing champ's own political ambitions push beyond the House of Representatives.

Now, fresh off his stunning loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, in which he was knocked unconscious and lay face-down for several seconds before being helped to his corner, Pacquiao is looking toward his future.

Pacquiao champion

Thirty-four is old for a boxer. With more than 60 professional fights under his belt, the fear among those in his circle is that he will stay too long in the game, and do permanent damage to his standing.On February 13, 2013, Philippines's President Benigno Aquino III, signed the Anti-Trafficking bill Pacquiao had been championing, into law.

For thousands of vulnerable Filipinos whose lives may be changed or even saved, this Pacquiao fight is one whose legacy will last far beyond the ring.