"When You Change Your Body You Change Your Life "

Excited To Introduce:

Yin Yoga
Something cooler for the hot summer days: try a yin class! This therapeutic and restorative practice is suitable for all levels and is taught in a warm (90-95F) classroom. Postures are held for 3-5 minutes to enhance flexibility and this is an excellent complement to the traditional 26 posture hot yoga most students at Summerlin Yoga are accustomed to. The Yin Yoga Flow class will incorporate a moving series of standing postures as well.

Hot Pilates
This core-strengthening class will be taught in a heated room. You will build muscle, burn calories, and build inner core strength in this hour-long class. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners.

Too busy to find an hour-and-a-half to practice yoga? Try a Venus class! Same postures, less time!

PLUS for a limited time $5 Drop in Fee!

(this applies only to the NEW classes: yin pilates venus)

We’re all looking forward to expanding our practice and working our bodies in new different and interesting ways.