Blaze Bulletin - 7

Edition 7 - Week of September 29th

What I Love About Blackman!

Do you know what I love about Blackman? Here's an example: 3 teachers in the hallway cheer and high five and sing Eye of the Tiger to a new teacher prior to his first observation. Haha! Love that show of support!

Leisa Justus

Principal Blackman High School


School Calendar in iNow

Did you know that our school calendar is now available in iNow? Log in. Look under the "Home" section. Click on "School Events."

TN Promise

We are projecting that we will need 329 mentors to serve the TN Promise applicants in Rutherford County. Currently, we have 96 mentors registered to participate, meaning we still need 233 more!

Volunteer Mentors for Tennessee Promise/Achieve will receive 1 hour training. Please inform your volunteer teacher/counselor mentors that the 1 hour can be counted as inservice credit. Please complete the Independent In-service Form. Dates for the training can be found here.


I (Leisa Justus) have signed up and will attend training on October 7th. Join me!

Lunch & Learn

The Lunch & Learn slips are picked up at 8:20am; any slip placed in the box after that should be for the next day.

Students are not allowed in Lunch & Learn without a slip.

Remember to circle the lunch period on the form.

There should only be one date on the slip (not multiple days).

Only sign the bottom of the slip if students have completed and turned in work to you. If they have this signed, supervisors will check them off and allow them to leave.

It is up to you when you sign off on completed assignments (not during class time). You set the expectations for students (maybe you will only sign before school – whatever is convenient for you).

Shout out to Football!

Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department, Blackman High School Football Coach Philip Shadowens, and members of the Blackman Blaze football team will hit the streets on Saturday, September 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to install free smoke alarms in some of the high-risk areas of Murfreesboro. This outreach is part of collaboration between the State Fire Marshal’s Office and high school football “Guru” Murphy Fair which involves 10 high schools in the state partnering with local fire agencies to provide and install free smoke detectors in high risk areas of their communities through the State Fire Marshal’s Smoke Alarm Campaign.

TN Promise/Guidance Reminder

TN Promise:

We have only had 32 students register for the TN Promise. Please remind students that November 1st is the deadline. Also, it is a quick and easy process. Stephanie VanWinkle will be forwarding a plan to get our students to sign up.

Guidance Reminder:

Students have been allowed to leave class this week and end up standing by our doors since we are not in the office. This is an example of why it is important to not allow students to leave class without an appointment pass, being called up, or the teacher calling to see if we are available.


Parent Teacher Organization is forming at BHS. The parent group has met with me over the past few weeks, and they are organizing a PTO. I am excited about their excitement, and their desire to include the teachers in their organization to support Blackman High School. They would like 2 teachers/staff to sit on the executive board, which will meet about once per month. If this is something you would like to do, please let Dr. Justus or Mrs. Connifey-Marlin know.

CDC Shout out!

CDC students/teachers/peers have agreed to pick up attendance from subs each day at 9am. Thank you!!


Just a reminder to the staff that we need to be careful about requesting time off before a holiday. It can be difficult to acquire a substitute on those days making it hard to cover you classroom.


Thanks to the media center for the terrific job on creating the college signs for the staff. Below is a comment I think you will enjoy from Ms. Jenkins.

I had an interesting talk with a student yesterday while I was laminating a few more college signs. She (a senior) told me how much she liked seeing these signs around because she had noticed some teachers who went to colleges she is interested in and now she feels like she can speak to the teachers about the college. Fun times!

Celebrate My Drive is coming......

Just imagine what BHS could do with $100,000 or even $25,000!?! What could your club, sport, activity, classroom do with a portion of that kind of money!?

Now, imagine that in receiving that amount of money, we also promote and celebrate students who make safe and positive choices as they start driving!

Finally, imagine that Wilson Central (yes, right next door) won the $100,000 last year. It CAN happen here.

Celebrate My Drive is coming…..stay tuned for details……it’s a win-win. Let’s do it!!

Shout Out

Our wonderful student athletes read at Browns Chapel last week for Reading in the Schools Day! Love it!!! Go Blaze!!!
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