Art Room Fun

Miss Hollie

What We Worked on This Week

We have lots of exciting and messy activities that we do in the art room here at the Boys and Girls Club of LaGrange.

On Monday and Tuesday we used left over art materials and recycled materials to create beautiful collages. Some of our members really got into this activity! Our creative members used items from paper bags, to Styrofoam cups.

Wednesday and Thursday our activity was a little bit cleaner than our Monday and Tuesday activity. I named our activity "What's In A Name?" For this activity, I had the members find creative new ways to write the letters in their names. Some examples of the letters included an "A" made out of pencils, or a giraffe for an "h". We sure do have a creative bunch of students at the Boys and Girls club!

Artist of the Week!

Nashae Lincoln

What she created: Nashae created a very detailed collage when we made recycling collages. She used a multitude of supplies to create her collage, including tissue paper, paper bags, pipe cleaners, yarn, paint, old pencils and scraps of construction paper.

Power Hour Tutoring

Power hour is the time at the club when members get the opportunity to work on homework from school each day.

Click below to play helpful homework games.

Important Dates to Remember

BGCA Soccer Game

Saturday, April 11th, 10am

Whitesville Road Soccer Fields

The Mike Patton Moccasins soccer team from the Boys and Girls club have a soccer game against the Tough Tiger soccer team. Come and support our team by wearing Purple to the game on Saturday morning at 10 am.

BGCA Spring Fling on the Square

Friday, March 27th, 6pm

Lafayette Square

Come out and bring the kids to a free Spring Fling hosted by The Boys and Girls Club of West Ga. There will be bouncy houses, a firetruck to tour, snow cones, hot dogs, and 3 drawings for a FREE BGCA membership for the coming school year. Membership is $100 for new members, and $75 for current members.

Fun Friday Festival

Friday, April 10th, 4pm

Boys and Girls Club Gymnasium

Bring your favorite snack and soda and join us for the end of the year Festival. There will be opportunities to win prizes.

Parent Meeting for Summer Program

Monday, April 13th, 6:30pm

Boys and Girls Club Cafeteria

This is a mandatory meeting for parents of CURRENTLY enrolled students who are planning to attend summer camp during 2015. If you do not attend one of the parent meetings, your child will not be allowed to come for the summer camp program.

Standards incorporated

VAKMC.1 Engages in the creative process to generate and visualize ideas.

This can be found in the art work created by the students.

VAKAR.1 Discusses his or her own artwork and the artwork of others

Shown when we have piece discussions

VAKC.2 Develops life skills through the study and production of art

Some art projects incorporate necessary life skills such as cutting and gluing

Special Message From Miss Hollie

Boys and girls,

I am so proud of how hard everyone has been working this week on your art projects. I enjoy watching you explore and learn from the art materials that are provided. My favorite thing is to watch your creativity come to life on a piece of paper.

Keep up the good work as we move on to using paints in the coming week.