Concussions in Sports

What are the effect of concussions, how do we prevent them?

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a temporary unconscious from a very violent blow or hard hit of the head. this is commonly found in athletes and should not be taken lightly. If taken lightly may cause serious problems in the present and the future.
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Ways to get Concussions

  • Football-Helmet to Helmet, Hitting head on the ground hard, helmet being too loose

  • Soccer- Getting kicked in the head, head the ball wrong at a high speed.

  • Any hard contact to the head can cause a concussion.

How do concussions affect our everyday life?

  • Daily migraines, a very painful headache caused by long lasting concussions.

  • Memory loss, losing some short term this you need to memorise, also this will affect your concentration and how you handle your self.

  • Also long term concussions may cause you to feel nauseous and sick.

  • You may also have trouble sleeping later on in life.

  • 61% of current and former nfl player say that they had one and were not sidelined

  • 31% said they suffered from 3 or more, 15% said 5 or more

  • 28% have neck arthritis, 31% have bad memory

  • 16% had trouble dressing themselves, 11% had trouble feeding

  • 8 got alzheimers

  • In the 2010 season, from preseason to week 8, there were 154 concussions- which is 21% more than the 2009 season and 34% more than the 2008 season

  • sports science did an experiment and on an impact lasting just about .015 seconds, 100 G’s of force is exerted

  • Equivalent to getting smashed in the head by a sledgehammer

  • Average number of days player is out has doubled- 4.73

Further Prevention

  • Wear a helmet when riding bikes, skateboards etc.

  • Teach proper technique in how to do certain skills in sports involving your head.

  • Make sure safety equipment fits properly.

  • Play smart keeping others and yourself safe.

  • Wear latest technology in helmets making concussion more preventable.

  • Wear headgear to ensure you don’t get a concussion

  • Wear proper gear

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Huge Concussion Hits in Football
Sport Science: NFL Concussions and helmet to hemet collisions


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