Tierra Helada

By Dakota Hinshaw

"Tierra Helada" means "Frozen Land"- the perfect place for Elsa and her frozen heart.

Fun Facts

If a man were to climb the Andes Mountains too fast, he could get altitude sickness, which can cause headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, and nausea.
This is the Tierra Helada, the tip of the Andes Mountains. It is, at average, between 20*F- 55*F.

Nutrition Facts

If you want food, you have to plant a grain called quinoa. Also, you have to plant certain types of potatoes. These foods are the only type that will grow in the Tierra Helada.
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Other Facts That Will Save Your Life

The only animals that will survive the Andes mountains are alpacas and llamas. These animals are related to the camel. They provide thick wool for blankets, clothing, and bags. The llamas are good for transporting heavy loads across the Andes.

The women usually will knit clothes out of the alpaca wool, which is said to be straighter and stronger than sheep wool. Its wool is perfect to make soft, warm clothes.