Disease Prevention

Angel J., Joey H., Cecilie F. Hr.5th

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Simple Precautions,..

~Hand Washing

* Frequently washing hands with warm water and soap

~Linens and Laundry

* Priodically wash sheets, pillow cases, and blankets, etc.

* Wear protective clothing

~Inaniment Objects

* Wipe down counter tops, toys, everyday used surfaces, etc. more often

* Also take into considration dishes

~When sneezing and coughing

* To cover mouth and nose in sleeve or inner elbow

Further Precautions,..

~Bodily Fluids

*In dealing with blood, secretions, excecretions (except sweat), and mucous membranes wear gloves

~Mask and Eye protection

~Hand Contact

* Make sure when dealing with food, young children, and frequently used items especially you watch your hands and all they come into contact with


www.pkids.org/files/pdf/idw/text21.pdf ~Northwest Health Foundation, Childrens vaccine program PATH and PKID