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December 2022

Welcome to the High School Newsletter for The Campus (SSAE and PPEC)

Winter Break

Winter Break is from December 17 through January 3. Have a fabulous break!


  • Edgenuity stops assigning work on Friday, December 9
  • ALL work is due Friday, December 16, by 8:00 AM- 1st semester ends

The Campus's National Wacky Race champion!

Congratulations to Blake Marvici, the official Campus Nationals Wacky Races champion and has earned the title of “Worlds Wackiest Racer”!

Chemistry & Honors Biology

The science lab is a bustle of activity as the year winds to an end. Honors Chemistry students explored the structure and bonding of organic molecules by using models to build organic molecules and investigate different classes of organic compounds. Not to be outdone, our Non-STEM Chemistry students took the common reaction of baking soda and vinegar to new heights in an exciting inquiry-based competition! Their goal was to find the right ratio of rocket mass to baking soda mass to propel their film canister rockets into the air. Next, using their knowledge of chemical reactions and mole ratios, they determined the optimal amount of baking soda for a given amount of vinegar to use as the rocket fuel. This activity was our capstone project that applied the concepts of chemical reactions, stoichiometry, data analysis, and more in a fun and engaging way! Intermission for chemistry joke: Organic chemistry is difficult. Those who study it have alkynes of trouble. Honors Biology has wrapped up an extensive Project Based Learning challenge that has been a deep dive into biology, engineering, and writing. Students did an amazing job demonstrating their knowledge of a threatened or endangered species by identifying and describing through research their: biome, food, habitat, physical, spatial and social needs, adaptations, etc., and history of their path to being threatened or endangered. Seeing all of the unique exhibit designs and prototype models of their new and/or improved exhibits was exciting. I was proud to see them presenting confidently to our Zoo professional and community experts, who engaged with each group to help evaluate their final products. With only one week left in the semester, please reach out with any questions as we wind this semester down. And now I leave you with a final biology joke: What did Gregor Mendel say when he founded genetics? A: Woopea!


This month Engineering enjoyed the culminating event - the Wacky Races Campus Nationals. The winner of this year's CO2 races would raise the 3D Printed Piston Cup and be immortalized in Engineering history. With 40 entries, it was a grueling day of racing, but ultimately, Blake Marvici and his car "El Diablo" came out victorious, winning him the title of the World's Wackiest Racer! The rest of the finalists were Noah Nocita, Micah Mirabella, and Dennis Antoni. Principles of Engineering students have worked on a fully automated marble sorter over the last several months. They navigated the challenges of coding as well as learning to work as a team as they worked with VEX Robotics kits to build their robot. Engineering Design and Development students are beginning the prototype phase of their year-long project. Their project ideas include increasing the efficiency of coal power plants, creating artificial gravity concepts for the Moon, and using natural enzymes to break down microplastics in the oceans!

Robotics Team

So far, the Robotics teams had their best performance at the VRC Spin-Up #3 - qualifying 2nd, 3rd, and 12th. Two teams lost in the Round of 16, while one team went all the way to the Semi-Final, where they lost by a single point. Are you interested in STEM, coding, or becoming the next great Yeti Robotics champion? We are looking for 2-3 motivated students to join for the second semester! Email Mr. Wixom at jwixom@d49.org for more information if you are interested!


Coding 1 has wrapped up unit projects utilizing Python's built-in libraries and operators to perform advanced math and use random values. Students used libraries to create bots that interacted with users to troubleshoot tech problems and made art bots to display different shapes and colors. Coding 3 students finished our lists unit. When working with strings, it is common to split them apart into a list of substrings and join a list of substrings together into a string. This makes it easier to replace, check, and manipulate the characters within a string. Drones students completed coursework and coded drone flight plans. I hope everyone has a great holiday season and look forward to Spring Semester.

Peer Tutoring Offered

Peer support coaches are students who enjoy helping other students develop their academic abilities and provide extra support to motivate them through complex assignments. We meet every Friday from 10:40-11:55 am, and the coaches will establish their availability at various times throughout the week. Email Mrs. Shonk, jshonk@d49.org, if you are interested in joining the Peer Support team!


Early bird Pricing Ending: Order your yearbook!

This is your final chance to order your yearbook with early bird pricing! To order your yearbook, visit inter-state.com/order and enter code 72527M

Yearbook wants YOUR pet pictures!

The yearbook is looking for student artwork submissions. We would love various artwork, including digital art, pictures of sculptures or ceramics, photography, paintings, and even something out of a sketchbook. Email submissions to mleider@d49.org.


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