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Creating Employment TASK Work Stations

Wouldn't it be great if students could practice the necessary work skills in a safe, classroom environment in order to become masters? Now they can! Look around for unused space in your building. Maybe the sensory room has a spot? Maybe a back corner of a classroom? Maybe there is some free space in your SSC area. You find the space and I can help you with the development! Begin by thinking of four types of employment skills that you can tackle easily by making TASKS: folding silverware, folding pizza boxes, folding doughnut boxes, and stacking sugars to name a few. These are all meaningful skills that our students can transfer over to real life employment. Check out the pictures below!

Other Employment TASK Ideas


TASK ideas for Employment

1. Students can learn the assembly line of making a hamburger by putting the order of the bun together in a 1, 2, 3, order.

2. Students can use that same higher order thinking to make tacos. Think: shell, meat, cheese, lettuce....and same thinking for making/creating salads!

3. Students can learn the place settings for setting the table.

4. Students can learn how to stock K - Cups according to flavors.

5. Students can learn how to fold towels, clothes, etc.

6. Students can learn how to match and fold socks.

7. Students can learn how to cut the Box Tops off items and sort/stack.

8. Students can learn to cross check mailing labels and sort mail.

9. Students can use a rubber silverware tray to sort and stack silverware.

10. Students can sort gardening seed packets to prepare for spring planting.

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This week's talk is focused on students on certificate track at the secondary level. The next talk will focus on resume and job building skills for our students in the inclusion setting!

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