The Abstractor

Volume 2, Issue 4 --- 1015/15


To help get a better SASI score for AN cases, I need to know the size of the bleed.

I must be able to answer these questions:

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I have to be able to answer the following questions for AVM documentation as well.
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Please document, document, document when the patient has a bleed of any type, to ensure better SASI scores and to ultimately have a more detailed picture of the patient's bleed!
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FYI: Changes Made in All 3 Databases!

From now on the Glasgow Outcome Scores (GOS) will be in the correct numerical order. We had them switched programmatically; and I have began using the correct numbers on all new data collection forms.

Glasgow Outcome Scale will now be reported as:

5. Good Recovery - Resumption of normal life despite minor deficits.

4. Moderate Disability - disabled but independent, no assistance with ADLs.

3. Severe Disability - Conscious but disabled, needing assistance with ADLs.

2. Persistent Vegetative State - Unresponsive & speechless after several weeks

1. Death

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FYI: N2QOD is Coming!

The National Neurosurgery Quality & Outcomes (N2QOD) REDCap data base is almost here at UTSW for our Neurosurgery Department. There are 3 components of this National Database: Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine & Cerebrovascular. I will be maintaining this database along with the others we currently utilize. I am getting excited to learn about Cervical and Lumbar procedures!

Questions / Comments:

Just let me know if you have any questions or comments or if you would like to see something specific in the next ABSTRACTOR! I aim to please! :)