Twelfth Night

Lauren Vitro

In this version, the director did a good job at bringing this to film. I think that he/she chose good people to play the roles of Viola and Sebastian. Each actor/actress acted out their roles quite well, pulling off all of the emotions going on at the time. I did not like the setting, because it was cold and kind of dark, and although it was shocking and rather emotional, this was still, in some ways, a happier scene, and I think a more bright setting would have made the scene much better.
I think that this version was poorly put together. I do not think that having a woman play Viola as well as Sebastian was a good idea at all. The actor/actresses didn't really have the shocked reactions as you'd think they would. It was as if the whole thing was a joke, because they were laughing. Also, the setting is rather dark, and it had a lot of background noise, which took away from the effect of finding out all of the secrets, like it distracts the viewer from what is going on in the scene.
The last version was the one that we watched in class. I couldn't find a version online where I didn't have to give credit card information, but I do remember it.

The director did a very good job at putting this together. Each actor/actress fit their roles perfectly (in my opinion). The setting was outside and bright, which added to the greatness of the scene. All of the emotions from the actual play could be seen in this version.

My favorite version was the one that we watched in class. It was put together very nicely, and there was never a moment where I was bored or uninterested while watching it. The scene was bright, which also helped to grab a hold of my attention. I couldn't have done it better myself.