Stanley life

Stanley was a boy and he went to a place called camp green lake. He had friends his friends were Zero,X-ray. His nickname was caveman. They use to bully him. He digs holes with other kids. He needs to find things and give it to the warden and he will get the day off.then he needs to get to big thumb with zero. Then when they got to the top of the big tumb they go back down. then they go back to camp green lake.

Stanley friends

His friends are cool. They are zero,x-ray,SAM. Zero was lucky because when it was the end him and Stanley get rich. Also Stanley and zero were best friends forever they went to a really huge mountain shaped like a thumb.

Armpit and X-Ray

They are also one of Stanley friends. X-Ray is the one that took Stanley thing that he found on his hole and he got the day off. Armpit is one that stinks when he puts his hands up.

Stanley and Magnet

magnet is the one that hangs out with Stanley allot he gets on his back if he's in trouble.