Winter Newsletter

By Creekside Community High School Yearbook Crew

Events and Activities Coming Up.....

2/25/2020 ACT Testing for Juniors, Pre-ACT for Sophomores

2/26/2020 Chill Snowboarding Trip (repeats every Weds)

2/28/2020 End of Grading Period 5

3/5 - 3/7/2020 Phoenix Program Camping Trip

3/6/2020 PSU iUrban Student Workshop

3/23- 3/27/2020 Spring Break

Youth Advisory Board Update

Youth Advisory Board is a collection of students from all of the advisory students at Creekside Community High School empowered to make decisions to benefit student life. They also address student issues and come up with solutions to create a positive school environment for all.

Currently, the Youth Advisory Board has been working on creating a suggestion box for students and planning senior meetings.

Successful projects that the Youth Advisory Board has completed include:

1) No profanity reminders on the Basketball Court

2) Valentines Appreciation Day, February 14th

3) Student Staff Morning Meeting with Russ and Julie - you are invited Weds at 8am!

By: Nayana Lee and Michael Woodhouse

Welcome Interview with Valorie Spearman, our new Dean!

Nick Maxwell: What is your role at Creekside High School?

Valorie Spearman: Dean of Students

Nick: So what does that mean?

Valorie: I advocate for students and help them be as successful as they can

Nick: That's good, what is your life like outside of school?

Valorie: Amazing, I have a family that's pretty cool. I have a son that's 8 who's into sports, it's fun to watch him play and all kinds of things. My daughter is 5 and likes to dance, so we take her to different places to dance or we just play music at home and have a little party in the front room.

Nick: Why did you want to work here?

Valorie: Because I really like working with Russ and following his leadership on making kids feel comfortable and being able to provide the right resources for kids instead of making kids fit into what 'we' want, we kind of do it backward.

Nick: The final question is, did you work in any other schools prior to Creekside?

Valorie: Yes, so I was a ELL teacher in Beaverton school district for 15 years and then I was an assistant principal in East Multnomah county in Portland for 3 years.

Nick: So you've been doing this for a long time

Valorie: Yes, I've been in education for a long time.

Nick: Thank you for your time

Valorie: Of course

Winter Celebration with Cookies and Community

On the last day of school before the winter break, students and staff gathered together for a community circle. We all shared what we were most excited for about the upcoming break. Culinary students also made cookies for the student body to decorate with frosting and sprinkles.

By: Nayana Lee

Creature Feature!

This all-new Creature Feature is all about the beloved school rabbit Spoons! Spoons is loved among everybody in the school by students and teachers, not only is he the school pet but he doubles as a therapy animal!

By: Nick Maxwell

New Electives for Semester 2

We have some exciting new classes or electives for Second Semester:

1) Scientific Inquiry with Jacqui Meadows and Anne Wallace

2) DIY Music with Jacqui

3) Drama with Mrs. Erikkson

4) What's Next.....Future Planning Seminar with Mrs. Mueller and Kathrin Dougherty

5) Peer Mentoring and Community Leadership Workshop with Jo Linden

6) Set Design in Art 2

7) Setting up Creekside Community High School Cafe with Mrs. Rodgers

8) Language Arts in the Kitchen with Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Errikson

Counselor Appreciation week!

From Feb 3rd to Feb 7th we here at Creekside left notes for our lovely counselors to show how much we appreciate them and the support they give us. We brought them bouquets of flowers with our note cards to brighten up their days. We love you guys!

By: Nayana Lee

Schoolwide Recycling Plan is being researched and created by Students!

Students in the Project based Science class are collecting scientific data through student surveys. They are hoping to learn what our students know about recycling. Students have collected 15 different commonly used items from around our school. The data will be used to develop a school wide recycling plan that includes Recycling and Composting. The class will be presenting their findings and recommendations to the youth advisory board.

Congratulations to our Winter Graduates!

Newsletter Contributors: Nayana Lee, Michael Woodhouse, Nick Maxwell, Shea Giese