Major Battles in World War One

By Hannah Torstenson

The battle of Verdun

This battle was the longest battle of world war one. The German siege of Verdun and its ring of forts. Germans leader that lead this was Erich von Falkenhayn, The French leader was Joffre. This battle was in 1916 and there were about 984,000 casulaties. French caught 11,000 German soilders. It was suppose to start on February 21 and the battle started with 1,400 guns.

The battle of Otranto Strait

Otranto Strait was fought in 1917. This strait is located in the Mediterranean. It was fought by the Hungarian navy and the French. The Hungarian leader Horthy de Nagybanya wanted the battle to be May 14th but it was held back. They betraied their allies and sunk their ships. They then decided to help the french to beat the Hungarians. The Hungarians won no matter what and the French surendered.

Pics of the battles

Battle of Marne

Marne started on September 4, 1914. This battle was when the German and the British became allies. In May 1918 the German won and the French was beet. It took four years but still they beet them.

Battle of Caporetto

This battle was combined with the German, Hungarian and Italians. This battle was a victory for the the Germans and Hungarians. These two counties were allies in this battle and helped each other out with the amount of troops they had. The Italians were the first to attack but they lost. In this battle the Italians lost 700,000. Many were also captured and wounded.

Battle of Ypres

Ypres is made of three battles. This is a few of the battles that the German started. The first one was in 1914, they used their advances. The next one was in 1915 and they used poisons gas. Finally the last one was in 1917, they used all there forces they had on their enemy. By the end of the battle there were 250,000 casualties.