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Bentley HS Hosts Renowned Motivational Speaker Sarah Vazquez

Bentley High School to Host Nationally Renowned Motivational Speaker Sarah Vazquez in Partnership with MI-TOP and GISD

By Rebekah Dupuis

March 16, 2015

Burton, MI –Nationally renowned motivational speaker advocate and author Sarah Vazquez is coming to present to Bentley High School students, staff and community on Tuesday 3/17/15 in the Bentley High School gym at in the 1:00 p.m. Her message focuses on empowerment and overcoming obstacles. Following the assembly there is a Q&A with the speaker that a select handful of students along with the Leadership Class will be attending. The Q&A will be from 2:00-2:30pm in the Bentley High School Library. Sarah is coming to speak to Bentley High School students as a pre-cursor to her keynote speaking for the Michigan Transition Services Association annual pre-conference at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth on March 18, 2015.

This presentation was made possible through a partnership with the GISD and the MI-TOP project (Michigan Transition Services Association). Specifically, Pam Korb from the GISD and Maria Peak from MI-TOP have worked closely with Bentley’s Special Education Director, Shannon Weist and Social Worker, Brooke Ebenhoeh to develop this unique opportunity for Bentley students, staff and community.

About Sarah Vazquez

Sarah has a very rich and diverse background. She shares her story of being born with Cerebral Palsy and raised by a single mother who instilled in her the belief that she should be defined by her abilities rather than her disability. An excerpt from Sarah’s website states, She is a true believer that everyone can pave their life's path by way of having dreams. Having dreams is the basis of Sarah’s achievements. Today she is nothing less than 100% sure that she was born with Cerebral Palsy to change the face of what having a disability “looks” like. She wants the world to recognize and respect that people with disabilities experience life like other people. “Having a disability is a characteristic; it does not make up our character.” She wants the world to know that people with disabilities play a role in their education, communities, & the economy. “All people can be contributors to society as long as they are given a respectable place in it.” (Sarah Helena Vazquez).Sarah's mission is to empower people with disabilities to advocate for themselves and follow their dreams. Sarah follows her own dreams everyday by choosing the life she wants for herself.”

Sarah’s Bio

Sarah’s bio and more information about her book and her speaking services can be found at her website, Sarah Vazquez Speaks, She has a YouTube channel at “sarahvspeaks” Her book is entitled “Paved Roads".


To learn more about this presentation, please contact:

Rebekah Dupuis, Superintendent

Bentley Community Schools