Collaboration in the SMS Library

Building 21st Century Skills, Literacy, College-Readiness

Using the Research Side of the Library for Meaningful, Impactive Lessons Taught By Both the Classroom Teacher and Librarian

The librarian will work with classroom teachers to build strong lessons bringing together Common Core Standards and the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner.

There will be meetings leading up to the lesson where the librarian can work with and make suggestions to the classroom teacher on what type of multimedia medium might be the best fit for the project.

More Than Just Power Point Presentations

Professional Development for Teachers on Equipment and Information They Can Use To Push Toward Proficiency

The librarian will provide instruction through online tutorials for equipment such as the SMART clicker system, Airliners, and Document Cameras as well as Web/Max, Discovery Education. Thinkfinity, and many other online resources for lesson planning. Teachers will be able to access these at their leisure or during a technical problem.

During department and team meetings the librarian will be available to work with teachers on anything they may be having issues with.

Outreach to Stuart's Entire Population

More Student Access to the Library (And Not Just Stuart's)

The librarian will work with the library clerk to schedule classes to check out books so that students will have more access to the library. Students will continue to have a voice in what is selected for the library's collection so that there are appealing books for them to select.

In collaboration with the Southwest Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library the librarian will plan an outreach program that will allow Stuart's avid readers the opportunity to travel to the Southwest Branch for literacy programming and the opportunity to read books that Stuart's library does not carry and that they would not otherwise have access to.