Time Travel

The Trip Of The Future, Yesterday!

Time Travel

By Mason Buettner

The Watcher Of the Art. By Mason B.

When Time travel became available, it instantly became the oldest institution in existence. The world instantly became more advanced than it ever could have been, and the complete destruction accompanying this was all was completely lost on everyone, because it was everyday life, and always had been. Everyone that is, except for the near precognitive group of people known as the Monks of Now. This is the group which I belong to, the group tasked by the earth one government to preserve all of the culture destroyed by the intrusion of millions of clumsy, rich, stupid civilians. This is the story of the last monks. This is one of the stories of mine.

Now that we have the mandatory formalities out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Seth Hale. I am a 25th generation Watcher of the Art, and the name is quite self-explanatory. What my job requires is a keen eye and high tolerance for boredom. Over long periods of time. Alone. The only consolation is that my duties as a guard are never turned towards others, but neither does any other part of my life.Get what I’m hinting at? But that’s not the focus of my story. It all started, in slip-relative time, one week and 2 days ago. It all started as usual, I woke up at 800, had breakfast at 830, and assumed command of the watch post at 835. And that was when it started. At the lock, we had various security cameras and detection devices, as that was where most of our transactions had to be enacted. But what I saw was the most surprising thing I had seen in awhile. There was a man standing there. Just for a second, I saw an honest to god person in the building. It scared me. But in the time it took me to get the microphone for the PA system, he vanished. I cycled through every other device in the building, but he was gone. And then the implications of what happened hit me. The security of the art house was compromised.

In the seldom used part of the building that handled the time based orbit of the Building, I checked the shields. 7 holes in the shield, one at the lock. I was completely compromised. And there was only one thing to do. I had to park it.

The Building is the most advanced thing ever to come out of earth, and all of the planets beyond. Currently, there are only 5 in existence(Art, Music, Dance, Mechanics, and People) But I have never met the others. In the slip time which the buildings inhabit, communication would just bounce into standard time areas and play itself through any devices capable of , and possibly compromise our levels of slip time. Due to the precious cargo, that is an unacceptable risk. But apparently someone had hitched a ride. What I needed to do was find him before anything was damaged. I initiated the defenses, and ended the slip- reaction. One great thing about the Building was the smooth parking.

Stepping out of the building, I was naturally a little cautious. But it seemed a little out of place to just sit here, a huge piece of metal. Pulling out my holocard, I set the Building to invisible. It was the most I could do. Checking the chronometer, I realized I was in a designated safe zone. An area of time that the government set up to be completely un-influenced, which was made possible by its complete lack of importance. It was Austin Texas, in the defunct states of America. The year was 2014. And it was the time of spring cleaning. I set the station to cleanse, and travelled into town. If there was anyone on board, they soon would be captured and interrogated. For now I could see the sights.

Once in the town, I marveled at the complete takeover that google had initiated. With Glass on every face and Fiber connecting them all, it was impossible to go a day without interacting with it. It was a very profitable business of information selling. But they didn't know that yet. I swung by the nearest Tsar- I mean Starbucks. I ordered a simple coffee, and set my holo pad to scan for out of time period tech, just to make sure. All technology that was from a different manufacturing point then where it was made gave the faintest tremor, which rattled the local fabric of space time. Luckily this was easily traceable, especially in this relatively untouched area that had little to no background interference. There was only one signal, and it was coming from Cedar Park...


The Horrible Poem Of Time Travel

I was once In pakIstan when I met a man, his name was John Montana.

We sat at a cafe and we had a parlay, he told me of his mother joanna.

His dear old mum had an interesting chum by the name of Indiana. His mom’s companion in fun had his last day in the sun, wIth attila the hun.

When I asked how this could be he looked with manic glee to my right, when I turned back around he was gone.

A few weeks later I was in peru, and the same old dude arrIved a little worse for the wear.

A scar over his eye and a tear in hIs hair gave me quite a scare.

He explained where he had been and my head started to spin, It was really too much to bear.

He saId he’d found the secret to life anew, In the dew of reeds along the nile.

In the year 2022, he was in kathmandu, and shown the holy grail.

when his attempt to steal turned out to fail, he was sentenced to be sent back in time.

like the movIe looper he was almost kIlled by man named cooper who then showed hIm the waaay back.

To the land pakistan where he met the man who would eventually displace him in time. when I asked who this could be he pointed to me and warned me not to ever. Ever. Ever.




So You Initiated A Chronal Disturbance and Are Currently Displaced in Time OR The Time Traveller's Handbook By Mason B.

Hello fellow chrononaut! Welcome to the only book you will ever(and never) need to help yourself keep safe from the dangers of time travel.if you are reading this you are either

A) Cautious and/or Curious

B) In a life or death situation requiring immediate advice on how to proceed.

Either way, Slow your horses! You need to learn to walk before you run. Here are some rhetorical questions to get you started.

1: What is Time Travel?

Time Travel is an event that means that you were removed from your current chronal location and moved somewhere else in space/time. Be it either a blue police box or a naturally occurring unsticking in time, you are not where you were a( relative ) minute ago.

2: Does Time Travel Have Any Adverse effects to my health?

That really depends on what you mean by adverse. If you count having your firstborn half time lord, then yes. But if you mean the average bodily harm then no. Unless you were unwillingly catapulted into space-time wearing your jammies, in which case the flesh will be ripped from your bones because you are travelling faster in an environment more hostile than space than should be physically possible. But that’s just an idea, we have no idea of knowing.It could just be a bunch of clocks. Or your Aunt Shirley’s breakfast parlor, but with better food. But I digress. What you should really be concerned about is where you travel to. If you end up in execution mad France wearing your brightly colored T-shirt, you may very well end up seeing the inside of a basket. But if you have the option of thinking ahead, then move forward to the section on proper planning. If not, then the best thing you can do is be well read on the topic of ancient culture.

3: How can I Time Travel? It's really quite simple, if it's possible at all in your time period. If post 2033, then all that you need to do is go to the local TimeX(there is one in every major city) and either pick up a rental, or buy one yourself. In buying this you become subject to the strict codes of conduct that are inherent in the time traveling system, and programmed into the machine's navigation an A.I. Systems. Here is a paraphrased version of the codes of conduct, as put into effect at the beginning of causality.

1: Observe, but do not meddle unless cleared for meddling by the meddling sub-department of the Time Continuation Councel.

2: Always, when Traveling, keep your identification cards on your person. Failure to comply will result in an impounding of your vehicle, and an immediate revocation of your license.

3: Never go past the designated time stop areas that are programmed into the systems of your vehicle. Tampering of ANY KIND will result in immediate detainment, and exile to the penal space colonies of 2099.

And that is the basic version of all the laws that govern the Police. But just remember, and I intend no disrespect to the Enforcers by saying this (as they are the best of the best) but they are not always confined to these rules. They're really more guidelines. If an Officer sees the need to use "excessive" force, he has every right to do so. And the Police are everywhere, as to ensure our safety at a higher level.

But after attaining the proper license, and the perfect Vehicle, you're all set! Not Really! We still need equipment? What, are you going to go see some jousting wearing your pink Floyd t-shirt? That would be weird, because playing "Another Brick In The Wall" on a lute would be.... Actually pretty awesome. But the odds of that occurring are slim to none. If you are going to a joust, the proper attire is shown in the "Time Period Appropriate Equipment" section of the book.

But now we get to the portion on events in the earliest year of time travel availability, 2014