How physical education affect you

Corey Thomas

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Have you ever wondered how physical education affect you?

It does more than keep you fit, it also helps you relieve stress and stay healthy. “When my sister is feeling stressed she goes and run around the track and when she comes back she be in a much better mood”. Physical education plays a big role it keeps you healthy mentally and physically. It has many benefits also, it lowers the risk of cancer and other diseases.

The role Physical Education plays

In spite of, What role does physical education play? The role physical education plays is development it lowers the risk of chronic disease, and premature death”. The more we are active and exercising the more healthier we will be. ( Physical Activity and Health).

What is Physical Education

But, What is physical education? “Physical education is not to just keep fit but it also keeps you healthy”. Physical education is defined as various types of physical activities that promote the physical development and well-being of individuals”. Physical education has many other reason for doing it. (Physical education).

Benefits of Physical Education

Besides, Benefits of physical education. “When you are active, your cells become more sensitive to insulin so it can work more efficiently. Your cells also remove glucose from the blood using a mechanism totally separate from insulin during exercise”. If you don't take care of your body your cells will work harder and harder and eventually they will no longer be healthy. ( Thank you).

The role

Sometimes, The role of P.E. “There is irrefutable evidence of the effectiveness of regular physical activity in the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and osteoporosis and premature death. (Physical Activity and Health).

What does it do

Still, “Exercise is the best thing you can do for you brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning. Regular exercise reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol and people who exercise tends to live longer” Exercise is the best thing ever. (Fitness)

The Study

In this situation, “The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a physical education supportive curriculum and technological devices, heart rate monitor, and pedometer, on physical activity.” A single-subject ABAB research design was used to examine amount and level of participation in physical activity. (Clapham, Emily D., Eileen C. Sullivan, and Lori E. Ciccomascolo)


As I have shown, Exercise is very important when it comes to the body staying healthy and fit. Physical education is the best medication you could ever experience and the benefits that it has on you are amazing after you exercise you will feel great after you finish.