Your Morning Gazette

by Hannah Robertson and Ella Schroeder

Henry Clay

Henry Clay Sr. (April 12,1777-June 29, 1852) Clay was the Whig party leader as well as the Secretary of State under president John Quincy Adams. He was the speaker of the House of Representatives. He will be buried at the Lexington Cemetery in Lexington, Kentucky on July 10, 1852 He created the "American System" which was a system used to benefit American economy. He is known as "The Great Compromiser" because he was heavily involved in three famous compromises including The Compromise of 1850. He is survived by his wife, Lucretia, and his 11 children, Henry Jr., James Brown, John Morrison, Theodore, Henrietta, Eliza, Anne, Lucretia, Susan, Thomas and Laura.
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Susan B. Anthony

A 30 year old from Massachusetts, Susan B. Anthony is heavily involved in the women's rights movement and is it's best organizer. She believes that as of now, women only have a role in the household. She, like women around the country, is upset over the lack of rights for women outside of the home. She has been campaigning for the Women's Rights Convention in Albany, New York for two years now (1853-1854). In just a few months, she has collected over 10,000 signatures on her petition for the New York Legislature. Keep it up, Anthony! And remember, We Can Do It.

Compromise of 1850

The Compromise of 1850 is a collection of 5 bills drafted by Henry Clay and brokered by Stephen Douglas in September 1850. The purpose of this compromise is to reduce sectional conflict between Northern and Southern states. This is only now possible that President Taylor is no longer in office. California will be admitted as a free state, and slave trade will be banned in Washington D. C.
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Caution! Colored People of Boston!

The Fugitive Slave Act gives now obligates law enforcement officials to arrest anyone suspected of being an escaped slave in these Northern states. Any persons arrested under this pretense will not have the right to a jury trial or testify in their defense. Professional slave catchers are roaming the country searching for you, so watch out!! The next one taken could be you.

Tariff of 1857

The Tariff of 1857 is a bill that was primarily written by Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter of Virginia. This is a tax reduction that will create very low tariffs, in response to a federal budget surplus. In writing this. Hunter was trying to disperse the surplus through a tax cut. This will most likely benefit Southern/agricultural states, more than Northern ones.

Industry Taking over America??

As the 1850's are progressing, heavy industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. The new machinery is achieving what men can do, only more efficiently. These creations are creating more revenue, and it looks like they're here to stay. Our country has a plethora of raw materials needing to be used and a growing population that is needing to be fed. As most of these industries are located in the Northeastern part of America, this poses a problem for Southerners still relying on slaves and manual labor for their revenue. Do you smell something brewing?
Turning Points in History - Industrial Revolution