Digital Safety 4 Parents

Best Practices for Parenting in the Digital Age


First things first

The most important thing you need to do is establish your goals and outcomes. From there, you create a plan that allows you and your children to know exactly what the expectations are, how those expectations will be monitored, and the appropriate follow through if they are not met.
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Need help setting the ground rules?

You need to have a "smart talk" with your children. There are resources available to help you.

Guaranteed to be easier than "the other talk"

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Monitoring Your Children's Online Behavior

Do you know how to monitor your child on the internet? What is appropriate use for your elementary school child? Your middle school child? Your high school child? How do you establish yourself as a trusted resource without feeling like you have to know everything about the world wide web?

To Friend or Not to Friend...

"Friending" your children is NOT an appropriate means of monitoring them.


Do You Know the Law?

Many states are trying to catch up and put in place laws to protect children and adults from the likes of sexting and revenge porn. However, do you know that many of the laws put in place are already outdated and behind? Do you know the laws that can determine whether you or your children are prosecuted as minors or adults, misdemeanors or felons, or whether they will be considered sex offenders for the rest of their lives? Parents need to know the laws so that they can properly do their job; PARENT! #ignoranceisnotanexcuse

How do you protect your home?

You have enabled restrictions on your child's phone and iPad. You monitor their history and social media accounts. Great. But what about when their friends are in your house? How can you make sure that everyone in your home is safe and able to be monitored?

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Andy Boyle

I am a father and teacher. I started teaching internet and digital safety in 2013 out of a desire to protect my own children. Since then, I have been researching and following trends in apps, websites, digital behaviors, etc. I have been testing and tweaking my own parenting skills in an effort to make sure my boys know what we expect of them when they are online, so that they are safe on their devices and the internet, and that they know how to treat people and behave appropriately online. The techniques and strategies I share with parents and students are the same ones I use with my children.