Hitler's Fatal Camps!

Run away now!

Families are Separated, Men are Living Skeletons

Jewish families are brought to one of the six concentration camps that Hitler has set up. Women and children are killed immediately because they couldn't do the heavy lifting that men can do. Men are given a piece of bread and thin soup everyday while they do tedious work. They age quickly and since they were giving so little food to eat, you could see their rib cages. Men look like zombies. While women and children are being gassed down, men are being starved to death. These camps are your deathbeds. You need to escape now!
The prisoners have become monsters. There are no relationships in the camps. Friendship and family wasn't important anymore, the only thing that was important was survival. A son killed his father for a piece of bread and another abandoned his father during the death march. If the son stayed with his father, both of them would of been shot by a SS soldier. These camps tore families and relationships. This place is the devil's house.