Pop Latino

Sara Evanko


-The origin of this music is Cuba and from American pop.

-Immigration to the U.S. helped crate Latin pop because all the cultures were blended together to help form this music.

-There are many people associated with this music like Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Paulina Rubio, Gloria Estefan, Sergio Mendes, and many more.

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-Main instruments used are the Spanish guitar, accordion, bass, drums, keyboard, trumpet, piano, and more.

-Some of the major characteristics of this music are the language and the beats.

-Some costumes that are associated with this music are short outfits with fringes.

Other Information

-The cha cha cha is a dance that is associated with this music.

-The characteristics of the dance include specific hip and leg movements.

-This type of music will continue to grow, and become more popular for people in many different places of the world.
Shakira Loca Spanish Version