Extreme Frestyle Motocross Moves

A. R. Schaefer


  • Bail - To jump off the bike before it crashes.
  • Brain Bucket - Helmet
  • Chicken Soup - A trick that does not go as planned.
  • Dead Sailor - A rider that does not do a trick during the jump.
  • Dialed In - A ride or trick that is going smoothly.
  • Gravity Check - A crash.
  • Pinned - To ride the bike's throttle wide open.
  • Run - several tricks performed in a row.
  • Sick - Great or good.

Important Facts

Extreme motocross is about riders who do dangerous tricks. The tricks are very dangerous because when you hit a jump you can go up to 100feet or more and that is a long way to fall from. some riders ride for fun or for competition. Motocross competitons take place nationwide and take place all the time. It takes place in present day. There are a lot of freestlye motocross tricks. Some of the freestyle motocross tricks are called, Lazy Boy, No-Footer, One-hander, One footer, Tail Whip, Grabs, Can-Can, Heel Clicker, A Nothing, One-Handed Superman, No-Footed Can-Can, Rock Solid, Cliffhanger, Heart Attack, Kiss Of Death, Shoe Box, Striper, and Nac-Nac. They all have different kinds of competitions and races. Some kinds of competitions are called, Best Whip, Freestyle, Supermoto, Enduro, Trials Motocross, Hill Climb, and Big Air. They All Have different purposes for different riders and different dirt bikes. The most common dirt bike brands are, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and KTM. Some of the modern day riders from America are, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Justin Barcia, and John Lawrence. Some Enduro riders are, Mike brown, Colton Haaker, Taylor Robert, Kyle Redmond, Keith Sweeten. A lot of riders do more than one event.

2011 X Games MotoX Best Whip
Robbie Maddison jumps 278 feet over Corinth Canal in Greece

By: Connor Spellburg Period 8