Private, Secure, Web Sharing


The purpose of using Edmodo is to allow students a safe and secure place to complete coursework using a common interface.

If you or your students use Facebook - using Edmodo is simple!

What is it that makes Edmodo class a secure environment ?

The following information is taken from Educators Technology and Mobile Learning.

Edmodo explicitly deals with school and teacher concerns about social networking for students in the following ways:

  • Each Edmodo class group is managed and controlled by the teacher
  • Students need an access code to join the class. If a student shares the code outside the class, the teacher can change it, without affecting students already joined in the group.
  • Students can only communicate to the whole class or to the teacher – private messages between students are not possible.
  • Anonymous posting is not possible.
  • Teachers can delete posts.
  • If schools upgrade (free) to the institutional features, the school can audit all teacher and student activity.
  • Parental access to their children’s posts and to the teacher is an optional feature.


The Library allows you to upload and store anything from Word documents to You Tube videos to web page links.

  • Access files from anywhere!
  • Organize into folders
  • Connects to your Google Drive

Creating Groups

Training Session Group = https://edmo.do/j/5mgcz5

Join using this code = v9mwg2

  • Group "locks" after 14 days
  • Can create smaller groups within a given group (Gifted, IEP, Period 1, etc..)
  • Can set Members to Read-Only Status


Other Tools...

  • Send Alerts (140 characters - the equivalent of a Tweet)
  • Keep track of due dates with the built-in calendar
  • Keep track of Edmodo work with the built-in gradebook
  • Ask students to take a poll
  • Create quick CC practices aligned to specific standards
  • Collaborate with other teachers in your district and those around the world

Edmodo APP Store

Yes! Edmodo has its very own App Store. But Appers BEWARE, not all apps are free!
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And Edmodo as an APP...

Check Posts, notifications, and students assignments on the go with the Edmodo App.

Available through Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes

Parent Code

Parents can receive their own individual code to use to view their student's progress on Edmodo. This gives the parent Read-Only access. They can not add or edit content in any way. To find the Parent Code, go in to the individual student,

Peer Development Presentation - Feedback Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete a feedback survey on today's Edmodo presentation. This is a required component of the Peer Development presentation. Click the link to the Google Form here....