19th Century Industrial Revolution

Industrial Changes, Gives Women and People Jobs

New Transportation Improvements

During the 19th century the transportation methods improved and people were able to travel to different areas much faster, also the prices for traveling and sending items to long distances decreased drastically. While transportation got better new jon opportunities opened up.
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New Industries

As the transportation got better new companies started to create factories to use these new types of transportation to send their goods across the state and atlantic. These Factories needed workers and got people to work for them, most of the majority was women.


The new machines in the factories where mainly independent, but people still had to make sure these still worked and no problems where occuring, that's why the factories hired people to make these work, but this was also very hazardous. The machines made the lives of workers very easy, this made factories ship more goods faster and more efficient.

Jobs for women

While the transportation buisness was booming, it gave women new job opportunities being in factories. Altough this was a huge change in the lives of women, it was a dangerous and hazardous due to the facts that it was vet slippery, womens hair would also get stuck in the machines.
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Lowell Girls

While the factories where being built, buisness owners were hiring women from small farms to work there. This allowed women to finally get independence and to earn money. With many women coming to work the factory owners didn't really care about their conditions as they could hire more. This jobs started a revolution in the lives of women as in now more women are earning jobs.