Digital Footprint

What is it and how can it affect you?

What is it?

A digital footprint is the entire data of your communications and actions online that can be traced back to a person. Examples of things that can be traced are e-mails, attachments, videos, images and any other form of transmission of information.
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  • Internet users are becoming more aware of their digital footprint; 47% have searched for information about themselves online, up from just 22% five years ago.
  • Few monitor their online presence with great regularity.
  • Most internet users are not concerned about the amount of information available about them online, and most do not take steps to limit that information.
  • Internet users have reason to be uncertain about the availability of personal data; 60% of those who search for their names actually find information about themselves online, but 38% say their searches come up short.
  • One in ten internet users have a job that requires them to self-promote or market their name online.
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How to establish a good digital footpring?

  1. Guard your privacy
  2. Protect your reputation
  3. Know that nothing is private online
  4. Assume everyone is watching
  5. Apply the "Golden Rule"
  6. Watch the clock - In other words, don't live your whole life online, get out and do something!
  7. Choose wisely - not everything online is good for you
  8. Don't hide behind your screen name
  9. Think about what you see - don't believe everything you see online
  10. Be smart and safe!
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Digital Footprint & Reputation Facts

1. It is hard to keep a good digital footprint because everything you do online will never be deleted.

2. Everything you do is stored in a remote area that you may never have know about.

3. You can do anything to get these erased but they never will be erased.

4. If you visit a website, the website usually looks at what websites you were on before and after you looked at theirs.

5. Anything that I search on google can be looked up.

6. If I want a job in the future and I have put some bad pictures and post online I may not get the job that I have always wanted. Even if I would have gone to college to specialize in it.

7. About 33% of all colleges research your digital footprint

8. Every computer has a number, so if you put something bad online they can track you down.

9. About 31% of all parents have one social networking site, and 51% have more than one.

10. A new survey says that 500 of the top colleges are looking at seniors Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

11. About 38% of all college applicants were negatively affected when colleges looked at there footprint.

12.The rate of colleges looking at your footprint is going up.

13.In 2010 55% of all recruiters are looking at facebook, and in 2012 66% of all recruiters are looking at facebook.

14. If someone says something about you online it goes on your digital footprint.