Animal Cruelty

Will scientists need animal products for future technology?


Animals around the world are being used for needs such as:

  • research
  • food
  • clothing
  • human entertainment .etc
  • Today, many people feel that animals deserve more protection
  • Animal research usually is accepted when it is believed scientifically necessary and the animals don't suffer


Animal abuse can be prevented by:

  • Laws protecting both domestic and wild animals
  • Education in animal law and animal rights
  • Support for the animal protection movement
  • Communication of shelters
  • Reporting animal abuse
By reporting animal abuse, we can help prevent other near by crime. Animal abuse is usually linked to other conflicts.


There are still many dangers for animals around the world

  • Often occurs in factory farms and bio-medical research laboratories
  • slaves, humans, and animals have no rights to protect directly until their legal person hood is recognized
  • Animals in factory farms are kept in small areas
  • In some films, animals are harmed for the camera
  • There are still debates over scientific animal research


Benefit Examples:

  • Martin's act of 1821.
  • The Federal Animal Warfare Act of 1966
  • Animal activists are working to outlaw use of unnecessary animal products

Danger Examples:

  • A technique in witch the animals are tortured until submissive to their owners
  • A technique causes pain to a horses legs in order to force the horse to preform its task
  • Elephants are being hunted and killed for their ivory tusks.

Will scientists need animal products for future technology?


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