Science Update

Second week of term - done!

Muffins and marking?

Our marking stickers will be here on Monday and that means we can begin the *insert jazzy hands here* fun times and feedback. I will be going through this in Tuesday's meeting, alongside the other items on the agenda, (see below). I was thinking of doing a bit of a marking session once a week, creating a time where we can get together to get it done. I will let you know when this will be so if you're free, come and get some marking done in good company, avec cake and coffee!

Once again, thanks for the help and support this week. I have really appreciated it! I hope you have lush weekends.

Techies corner

Science meeting Agenda: Tuesday

  1. Pathways for each year group - clarification
  2. SOL update for KS3
  3. Alfie update
  4. Assessment cycle and folders - the process and data points
  5. Marking stickers
  6. Macmillan cancer morning plan
  7. Messages from SLT
  8. Greatwood camp volunteer - one night and two days between 30/09 and 02/10.
  9. Curry night
  10. AOB
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Curry night!

Thursday, Oct. 2nd, 8pm

8A Quiet St


A ruby murray is always nice when it's starting to get cold and so let's get together at the Eastern eye for the first social of the year. I'll be booking this the week before, (25th Sept), if you're in, then let me know!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Saw this on Discovery channel the other day and thought it was genuinely awesome... enjoy!

The science behind Toy Robot in Space! - Filming in near-space using a weather balloon
Toy Robot in Space! - HD balloon flight to 95,000ft
A revision guide to pass on to students

I made this last year for my exam classes because they were asking how to revise. I have had a few students ask me about revision and study tips already this week and so I thought that it might be useful to share this across science.